David says:

We are confirmed, Sheree and I, for our first RV lesson this Saturday. The kind people doing this lesson are even letting us borrow a 25 foot RV to learn on. Total cost $250 -- which is not bad when you consider how much taking out a fire hydrant or a Mercedes Benz on a misjudged turn would cost.

We just called RV dealership after RV dealership asking the same question: "Who teaches one on one classes to newbies?" While most of the dealerships said they'd been asked before, no one seemed to know anyone who taught this. (There's a business model for...someone.)

There are weekend training camps that we've talked about...and we'll be rolling into one later this year. But one-on-one training? Very tough to find.

I am looking forward to the lesson...but I am dreading it too. I KNOW it will involve...backing up...and, as I may have mentioned two or three times, I hate backing up. I parallel parked once to pass my driving test -- but am always willing to walk an extra couple of blocks to avoid it now. (This, as I have also stated, delights Sheree to no end.)

I suggest anyone in the North end of Edmonton avoid ALL streets between the hours of 10 and noon on Saturday. Be on the alert for a twitchy terrified-looking guy behind the wheel of an RV backing into random objects.

Sheree is keen to learn how to judge the distance needed for a turn. I'm interested in this too. I do not want to hear a CRUNCHING sound as we leave the RV dealership for the first time next month.

...is it REALLY next month? Holy crap. I just got a wee shiver.

It promises to be an interesting journey.



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