Here we are, almost exactly a year later, back at Country Camping RV in Salmon Arm, BC. We wish it was under better circumstances.

Early this morning, we were boogying down the highway toward Banff, on our way into the BC Okanagan Valley. Suddenly, a bang like a bomb and David struggled to keep the rig on the road.

When we finally pulled over and switched on a flashlight, we were horrified to find major damage to the driver side of our Travelaire. A deer had broadsided us, denting and or ripping our rig's fibreglass shell on the driver's side. Deer hair and bowel contents were embedded into the wall.

David was in shock. Never in all his years of driving has he ever encountered a deer.

We know how blessed we are that David was able to steady the rig, and that the deer did not hit us full on, smashing the windshield or getting tangled in the underbody. We are alive and unharmed. And the rig is driveable.

Had we been able (were it not black as pitch out) we would have searched for the deer. But we had no way to turn around, nor would we have seen it in the dark. We hope it expired quickly.

We are hoping for a miracle cure now in the way if repairs because Travelaire no longer exists.

We will trust our RV dealership.

And hope for the best.

UPDATE: Repairs will be costly. The BC dealership cannot do them till end of Sept, but we cannot be here. So, we will look for a place in Edmonton. In the meantime, we will enjoy the rest of our vacation.



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