Entry from Sheree:

We are getting closer to picking up our motorhome in BC this month. Trying to figure out the logistics of getting us there, and then coming back in a single vehicle, the RV.

The plan is a little costly because the only rental we can get that will go one way is a big 16-foot cargo van. Oh, well...

But that leads to the expense of owning a motorhome, so we are trying to keep other costs in line, like storage fees. We want access to our vehicle at all times; we don't want to have to weed it out from amongst hundreds of other rigs in a farmer's field, but neither do we want to pay the high fees to park it in an RV park. So...I decided to place an ad on Kijiji.

I wrote an ad asking for anyone with an RV pad next to their house that they weren't using. And that we would pay rent. We also indicated that we wanted a place to park on the west side of our city since we live on the west side. In only a few hours, we heard from Don.

We visited him on his acreage this afternoon, and we are now set. We will park in a cleared area on his property just down from his house, and come and go as we please. The rent is so low, it is a joy.

It pays to throw your dilemma out there, and see how the world responds. Saved us worry, and a bundle in cash.

Bonus: He gets lots of wildlife near when he lives, deer and eagles. I am looking forward to photographing them.



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