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Get off the power grid and stay in that secret hideaway. Indulge in light and heat without a power cord.


Solar power!

Are you getting into the RV lifestyle? Maybe you have been in the lifestyle for a while, but have still not fully investigated solar power? Or you have decided that solar power does not merit the cost of equipment and installation.

How wrong you are! Don't wait another moment.

Solar power (the initial equipment and installation) may look expensive, but once you have made the investment, you will never look back.

Solar power means freedom. No more plugging in. No more worrying about the AC voltage coming off an old campground power stand. No more being restricted to civilization.

Imagine a power outage in the mountains during a summer snowfall. Your family stuck in a poorly insulated and unheated trailer or motorhome will be miserable. But that doesn't happen with solar power.

Even without bright sunshine, the solar battery charges, miraculously. With full sun, the results are fast and furious.

Should you decide to go ahead, be sure you speak to a knowledgeable dealer first. You will need at least a single solar panel, a battery (preferably two 6 volt or 12 volt) in which to store the solar power, an inverter, and a solar controller. Here is a tool to help calculate your power needs: GoPower

A bit of an education is advisable, too: how batteries work, how they discharge and charge, the ins and outs of wattage, volts, and amp hours, and the care of solar panels.

After reviewing your family's amp hours usage requirements (light, heat, entertainment), you will be very able to determine how much power you will need to last several days off the grid in that secret hideaway fishing spot. Or even just to take advantage of free parking in a Walmart parking lot.

Solar power is free and clean. Maintenance is minimal. Clean off the dust and dirt or snow...and you will be good to go.

Cost? Stay free and off the grid for only a couple of weeks using solar power...and you will see your solar power investment pay for itself.

I promise! As the sun is my witness. :)

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