David says:

I'm starting to feel like Scrooge McDuck. Actually the fella on the left looks a lot like me. Same rakish tilt to the hat...same housecoat. No pants. And see the way his money is slipping away from him?

That's me too.

We've been into this RV adventure for just a little while. In that short time, we've purchased an RV, purchased insurance ($500), sprung for solar panels, an inverter and a new stereo ($4,000), a fan that cost $500 installed. We've also got a Good Sam membership ($109) in case the thing breaks down after all the loving care we've lavished upon it.

"Now we have to learn how to drive it," said Sheree one day about a month ago. "We don't want to be picking it up and having no idea how to drive it do we?"

I stand there pushing snow around with the toe of my shoe, trying to pretend I haven't heard her. I have two reasons for this. First, I am reasonably certain that driving lessons will involve (gulp) backing up and second -- I've shrewdly noted how everything that has RV in it is more expensive than you think it's going to be.

"Car driving lessons?" the little guy in my brain says with a dismissive wave. "Twenty bucks...and a pizza. Teach you everything you need to know."

In my mind, I explain that we are looking for RV driving lessons and suddenly the little guy's eyes get wide and I can hear the distant ring of "ka-CHING!" "Well...RV lessons are gonna run you about six million dollars...and a pizza."

"...have to learn how to drive it," Sheree is saying. "We need someone to teach us."

Eventually I agree and we set about finding someone to teach us the basics of RVing. And it turned out to be harder than we thought it would be. It seems that everyone knows someone who wanted lessons at one time or another...but no one knows who teaches them.

So we started calling RV dealerships...and the RVDA. Sheree got  a lead on someone who might know someone's second cousin who is the neighbor of someone who once gave an RV lesson.

I luck out. I wind up with an RV dealership that is willing to teach us AND let us use one of their 25 foot RVs to learn on. It's only going to cost us $250 -- which is a significant discount over the six million I had been anticipating.

We're firming up the details on Monday. I'll keep you posted.



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