David says:

I drive a GMC Terrain. I have access to personal knowledge that this vehicle is MUCH smaller than a 25 foot RV. It's a whole lot shorter and much closer to the ground too. It turns almost instantly and I have no issue tromping down on the accelerator when I need a little extra speed.

I have actually driven two motorhomes in my life. Both were relatively short distances...but I remember the sense that I was driving an affable tank. The response times are much slower and if you tromp down on an RV gas pedal, you can actually watch the gas meter move toward "E" without any appreciable increase in speed.

And then there's that whole backing up thing -- the very notion of which makes my knees sweat.

I am in need of an RV teacher...someone who can transform me from neophyte to accomplished RV Guy.

There's this place  of course. It would be ideal...except that it is a very long way from where we live...and a guy who would be able to make that journey probably wouldn't need a lot of instruction by the time he got there.

These guys, on the other hand, offer great courses in full time RVing. And Sheree was showing me some information on a gathering taking place in mid March in Arizona.

Around here, apparently there is Roger. He is working at the same dealership as the people who took all that time to explain the very most basic stuff to a newbie at the RV show. And there is a rumor that, if you approach it right, he will make clear all the arcane mysteries of how to drive and maintain an RV.

Apparently he's back from a long trip tomorrow. So I'm going to call him. I'll keep you posted.



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