Photo by Sheree Zielke

Sheree says:

Finally, it looks like things may be moving along with the upgrades to our motorhome: solar panels, dual batteries, and an up-to-date AM/FM radio with audio jacks for our iPods and Sirius radio.

It was a bit of an irritating adventure in trying to get the dealership to understand what we were after. So, as long as they really can hit a deadline, we will be good to pick up our unit.

But once picked up, we will not joyfully hit the road. First (flying on a 7-day pass from our insurance company), we must get back to Camrose, drop the vehicle at a pre-arranged Fountain Tire appointment for an Alberta safety check, and then, hopefully, if it passes, we will head over to a vehicle registry, pay our fees, and get our plates. If it doesn't pass, we will return to Edmonton, get the repairs done, and then try again.



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