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David waits patiently at the registry for our paperwork

Sheree says...

So, you are thrilled to have purchased your used RV. Nice, but wait...if you bought that new/old motorhome outside of the province you reside in, you will have to jump through a few hoops if you ever want to have it registered in your home province.

How many hoops?

Well, here is my journal of the many steps I took to get the process started:

Where can an Albertan get an out-of-province inspection done on a motorhome?

I called a local RV dealership here in Edmonton and asked a service agent if I could set up an appointment for an inspection with them. Lawrence at Carefree informed me that they don't do inspections there. But he courteously suggested First Truck at 780-413-9422.

The woman at First Truck asked me if my request was personal or commercial, because no personal inspections are done there. She gave me the number for Buses 'R Us at 780-413-6496. They are located at 16750-121 Avenue. Great, thought I. But no...

I called there and hit another wall. Did our unit have air brakes? Buses 'R Us services only rigs with air brakes. Otherwise, motorhomes must be taken to an automotive outlet like Fountain Tire or Canadian Tire. Sigh...

Okay, I had already done some searching around prior and remembered speaking with a friendly fellow at Fountain Tire in Camrose, AB. Since we are picking up our unit in BC, we will come through Camrose, so a stop at a Fountain Tire there seemed like a good plan.

I called...well, I called the wrong outlet first (the Camrose downtown Fountain Tire does not do inspections). The fellow there gave me the number for the outlet on the highway.

I spoke to Dale who confirmed they do out-of-province inspections for motorhomes, but only the smaller ones. Ours is 25-feet, so it was acceptable. Price $225.00 plus tax. We set an appointment for a few days after we pick up the RV from the dealership, giving us time to get to Camrose. I took an 8 AM appointment since the inspection will take 4-5 hours.

The Fountain Tire in Camrose is located on the highway, near the Tim Horton's at 4720- 36 Street.

What will I need before taking my used RV/motorhome for an out-of-province inspection?

Oh boy, another hoop. The RV owner is responsible for picking up an out-of-province inspection form from any licensing/registry agency. Without one, the automotive outlet cannot perform the inspection. Be sure to have your sale papers and your insurance papers when you go.

Great news!
We went to our neighborhood registry and discovered there would be no running around looking for a registry in B.C. because we could get, along with our out-of-province inspection form, the in-transit permit, dated for any day we wished, and good for 7 days from that date.

The process was nearly painless and ended up costing a mere $30.90 for both items: the form and the permit.

Next step? A 13-hour Greyhound bus ride to get us to Salmon Arm, coaching for a day and a half on all the features of the Travelaire, then on to Camrose, and then (if we get the red stamp of approval) we can register the rig.

Hoping there won't be any surprise repairs, although I suspect we may be hearing about shocks needing replacement.

This is proving to be a major monetary undertaking, but we strongly believe the freedom will be worth it. Looking forward to seeing how the new solar panels perform.



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