Westbank Walmart, Kelowna BC 2013

Dear Walmart,

You sure are dumb. You let us (and many others) stay (boondock/dry camp) on your parking lot absolutely FREE!

You provide a great view (stay in Kalispell or West Kelowna for gorgeous mountain views, sunsets, and sunrises), washrooms, a complete selection of goods and foods, and even a McDonald's.

And you open at 7 AM.

Are you cuckoo? Don't you realize how much money in rent you could be pulling in? Tsk. Tsk.

When we walk in to ask permission to stay, we are greeted by a happy, smiling manager who says, "Absolutely. No problem." He/she tells us about any bylaws like generator restrictions that might affect us. And ensures we know where to park.

Why just yesterday, the $40 we could have spent sandwiched into an RV campground like big sardine tins, we spent in your store...on a broom with and extendable handle that I needed so badly to give my back a break.

And it was nice to run over this AM and pick up butter and syrup for our breakfast.

Don't you realize that resorts that offer these kind of conveniences and awesome views charge pots of money for the service?

Yep, Walmart, you sure are crazy.

Crazy like a fox. ;)

Thank you for your generous offer to use your parking lot. We are so appreciative.

With great affection,

Sheree & David

The Canadian Gypsy Turtles



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