Photo by Sheree Zielke
An Alberta sunset shot from near our motorhome in Elk Island Retreat RV park. Still lots of snow at the end of April.

Sheree says:

I admit it…this whole RV water system, lines and pipes, tubes and pump, and holding tanks…in freezing weather is really freaking me out.

We just picked up our newest acquisition, a used 2005 Travelaire in Salmon Arm, BC, where the dealership was storing it for the winter. When we picked it up, the winterizing had been flushed out and we were able to use the unit as per normal. But we live in Alberta and despite it being the end of April, beginning of May, we still are getting snow and freezing weather.

I realized how cold it had gotten and I began to panic. What if? What if? We have water in all the tanks: the black water, the gray water, and the fresh water tanks. What if? My brain is struggling with just how cold -7 Celsius actually is. I know it is below freezing, but we keep hearing that the magic number or disaster number is -10C. Our unit is in such good condition. Were we newbies stupidly wrecking our unit by inviting frozen lines and cracked holding tanks?

We can legally keep the unit on our street for 72 hours, so we had already decided that we will pull it across our driveway, plug into the house electrical, and run some heaters. That should work, but what if the damage is already done?

I am freaking…and that’s when I look out my kitchen window at the bird bath. I watch as the wind and snow blow around outside causing little tidal waves in the bowl. Waves. Waves? Wait a minute…those are waves. The water in the bird bath has not frozen. Oh, thank God for small miracles.

Tonight, we will take precautions in anticipation of tomorrow night’s -17 Celsius temps.

That and prayer should take us into an Alberta spring and milder temps…FINALLY!



04/30/2013 6:32am

What an adventure! Hope your panic is unrealised!


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