You WOULD be able to see me smiling if I could get the images Sheree insisted on making at the RV dealership. Here's a summary:

* We got onto a Greyhound bus sometime after 12:30 a.m. on Sunday. As I was paying the cab driver (since friends get a little scarce when you ask for a ride to the bus depot in the middle of the night) there was a confrontation between a drunk and a couple of security guards.

* We spent 14 hours on a bus or waiting for a bus. (Nuff said...although it was less awful than you'd suspect.)

* We arrived at the bus station and were picked up by the dealership and delivered to our waiting RV.

(A wee digression is appropriate here. I was concerned that my memories of this thing were significantly more wonderful than it actually was. But you know something? We stepped into the RV and fell in love all over again. Great stereo. Solar inverter and a super fan. Total cost $4500. Oi!)

* The dealership made good on their promise to give us "enough training to spend the night" and we crashed, warm and cozy in our motorhome.

* Okay...I slept...Sheree got up at about midnight and watched YouTube videos on RV maintenance -- primarily centered around how to get the poop out of your RV. (It's called "black water" because if they called it "poop water" people would make gagging noises.

* When I got up, Sheree suggested I look at people emptying their black water. So I did. It's not really that hard...or gross. This video
was among the best.

* We spent the next several hours in the company of a young man named Chris who patiently took us through EVERYTHING. The generator...the solar panels...the inverter...what's in all the little to turn on the pumps...pre-trip stuff like turning off the propane. He taught us a lot and then taught certain segments over.

* Sheree marked every panel in pen. We took pictures and notes.

* We practiced putting up and taking down the awning seven and a half million times. I almost understand it now.

* Sheree nested -- which means she moved crap around (not black water) the cabin and cupboards, humming happily the whole time which made it worthwhile.

* We actually pulled off the lot in the early afternoon. And it was BETTER than I thought it would be.

* We got about three blocks when Sheree asked how much gas we had. Answer: about a quarter tank. Solution: Fill it up. Cost: $175 dollars. Yikes.

* We stopped at a couple of tourist attractions and ambled. I've resolved to keep the speed between 80 and 90 kilometers per hour to save gas and to ensure I don't kill us when Sheree says STOP HERE!

* We are currently in a rest stop just outside Revelstoke.  I spent two hours doing business after we lunched on apples and cheese at our table. It was...okay...SERIOUSLY cool. Sheree has been sleeping on our bed the whole time.

That's why I'm smiling...and no picture could do it justice.

We have a lot to share with you. But now...I think I am going to the easy chair to read a magic magazine.

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