David says:

In a mind-numbing break with tradition, there is no visual aid for this post. Is that shocking or what?

"Why no photo?" you ask with an understandable tremor in your voice.

Because there's no way I can think of a visual way to depict exactly how THIS feels. It's getting to be real, folks. In just a little over a month, we're going to be taking our first road trip in our new RV. (Well...new to us anyway.)

Sheree wants to take a bunch of stuff from our house to the RV. This means either a HBT ("Honking Big Truck) or an EMHSUV "("Even More Honking SUV,")

We'll be discussing the essentials of our new life. We'll agree that we need to keep the stuff we take into the RV to an absolute minimum. It's a simple rule of physics. The RV is MUCH smaller than our house. MUCH smaller. And our house is currently packed with...stuff.

Sheree really likes her stuff. So we'll agree that we'll have to trim what we take to a minimum. I'll deliberately be using terms like "we'll have to cut it to the bone, y'know."

Sheree will be nodding and apparently an active part of this discussion. Then she'll get a far off look in her eye and look at something like a massive picnic table and say "That's going with us in the RV."

Then she'll nod like that's the end of the discussion.

I guess it is.. and, to be fair, the picnic table example is a SMALL exaggeration. But we DO  have a whole room full of stuff that is "going with us." Between you and me? I'm thinking most of it isn't going to fit. But don't tell Sheree I said so.

Nah. What's getting to be real is the fact that we're actually doing it. We are ACTUALLY going to be driving down the highway in an RV that's going to be as tricked out as we can afford to get it. Each time the thought makes itself known to me (which is about five times a day) I get little fingers of joy tickling my insides.

We spent a lot of time trying to arrange for a one-way vehicle rental yesterday. The problem? Unless you're winding up in Vancouver, no one wants to do a one way. And if they do, then they want to charge a $700 "Drop Fee" -- which is more than the actual rental.

I confess, I don't fully understand the math.

"We can take our car down and drive two vehicles back," offered Sheree.

I just looked at her. "There's no way we are taking our first road trip in the RV and not being together," I sputtered. "That's...just not...the Gypsy Turtle way."

She nodded and reminded me that the only place we could get a vehicle was from Budget. And the smallest vehicle they offer for a one-way is a 16 foot truck. And the fees for this are just under $600.00.

"Hmmm," I say as my inner Scrooge squawks indignantly...and then moans softy.

"At least driving a 16 foot truck will help prepare us for a 25 foot RV," she says.

"Uh huh," I say.

"And we won't have to pack tightly," she says. "We'll just throw the stuff in the truck and be done with it."

"....yes," I say. "And we'll be together."

She just smiles and I have to smile back.

I have a show in Jasper on the weekend when we are planning to leave for Salmon Arm. So we're going to Jasper and then keep on going on to Salmon Arm.


And that's final.


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