PictureZOOZA...is not another word for "wow."
Sheree says...

You climb out of bed, gather up the trash to take to the curb because it is pick-up day, and this sight greets your bleary eyes. Not a good way to start any day.

We usually have our RV tucked neatly up on our driveway where it blocks my car in. So, yesterday, to let me out, David parked the rig on the main street where we have parked it before. With no issue. But not last night.

Someone, with too much time and very little smarts, did drive-by graffiti on our motorhome. David was not impressed when I confirmed that the rig had been vandalized.

ZOOZA! What a stupid thing to write. But the good news is that they did not write worse words, and they wrote on only one part of the rig. Now to clean it off.

First came the Magic Eraser (worked before, might work again). It worked only slightly. Then came the kitchen scrubber. That was working, very slowly, but it was moreso working to make David steaming mad. So, I posted to Facebook. That is when a friend popped up and suggested something else.

PictureDavid with his happy camper face after 45 minutes of WD40 and elbow grease.
He suggested WD40, the lubricant that we are probably all aware of as a great product for getting stuck things unstuck, but it also works for getting spray paint graffiti off any painted surface.

Thanks to our friend, Bud Tymko, for that advice.

Lessons learned:
  1. WD40 is a must-have on your RV supply list
  2. Motorhomes parked on public streets are in danger of abuse and damage. Don't leave an RV on a public street if you can help it
  3. Facebook is full of great friends with great advice
  4. ZOOZA (according to my son and the Urban Dicitionary) means, "An electric coffee grinder used to chop up weed." Sheesh!



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