David says

"Five HUNDRED bucks?"

Sheree was on the phone, telling me that we had just gotten a Good Sam membership ($109.95) -- which is where Sheree heard about the importance of getting a fan installed. And we're not talking about the "how to stay married" fan in the bathroom. Nope. This one is in the middle of the ceiling.

So I was on the phone to our RV guy.

"Does our RV have a fan?" I asked.

"I don't know," said he. "But I'll go have a look. And if there isn't one, I'll get you an estimate by the end of the day. My word on it."

He's become a joy to deal with. He keeps every promise...perhaps because I'm putting his kids through college.

I made all the appreciative sounds...but at the back of my mind I was thinking 'Please, God.' Why? Solar panels along with all the assorted inverters etc plus a radio...ran the bill up to just under four grand.

How much can a fan be? I thought. And there's always the very off possibility that there is already a fan in the RV. I mean...it's possible.

True to his word, I get an email. An estimate. That very fan in the upper left hand corner installed is gonna be five hundred bucks.

Why would you WANT a fan in the RV? Here's how one site explains it:

"Air circulation is especially important in small spaces like an RV. Odors can linger from cooking and the air often feels stale without a proper ventilation system. This is why Camping World offers only the best in vent fans and covers. Advanced roof fans can automatically turn on as it senses rising temperature, creating proper air flow. At the same time, easily attachable roof vent covers can prevent rain and pests from entering your mobile abode."

The RV guy tells me there's more to consider. "You don't want to be running an air conditioner. Having a fan makes it much easier to change the air in the RV."

All that and keeping pests out as well? I'm in.

I have this mental picture in my mind of the two of us pulling off of the RV lot with our solar panels humming power into our unit, listening to "Born to be Wild;"

It's more than an RV...it's a transporter to The Road.

And I can hardly wait to get there.



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