Sheree says...

Oh, sigh...listening to the young man up on our house roof, repairing shingles after a terrible windstorm. Makes me think about how much care our 2005 Travelaire will need, care we are not familiar with.

We have been doing hours of research. Thanks goodness there are so many clubs, blogs, sites that are all dedicated to assisting new RVers. Mike Wendland posts a fantastic blog filled with all kinds of tips and hints, grumbles and happy thoughts, all sponsored by Roadtrek.

We heard something else today that surprises us: Florida now wants all drivers to carry an INTERNATIONAL drivers license. What? Seriously? Yes, they want all licenses to be in English.

But...the new 2013 law is not expected to hold up because it violates some international treaty. The CAA advised the legislators that Canadian drivers should not be included in the restrictions. Florida law-makers have agreed, but it will be a few months before the law is reconfigured. So, in the meantime, if traveling to Florida, you may want to spend the $25 for an international driving permit and the passport photos needed to go with the document. Easily obtained through your Automobile Association (CAA). Download the IDP application first.



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