Sheree says...

We arrived in Kalispell, Montana on a bright, sunny afternoon. Not much sleep the night before because we drove most of the night. So, we are tired. We want to stop the world and rest. With no camping fees.

That means boondocking or "dry camping." No plug-ins. So, we go in search of a friendly big box store parking lot.

We tried the Home Depot where the manager said too many slobs spoiled it for everyone else. Who in their right mind would dump tanks on pavement? Pigs! But they did and now motorhomes are not welcome overnight at Home Depot.
He suggested Walmart up the road.

A Walmart customer service rep said the police are cracking down on overnighters. But the assistant manager, Ray, told us to go ahead and park. Too early in the season to be bothered by cops.

Thank goodness. And look at that view.



05/23/2013 7:24pm

Always someone who spoils it for the rest!! We used to bring Riley into our local Home Depot, and dogs were welcome, all the employees used to have treats in their work aprons... however it took a little snappy Shih Tzu to bite a lady in the face who got tooclose (what WAS she thinking??) and now dogs are not welcome in their stores.


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