So I'm siting alone in a waiting room. Sheree is teaching a jewellery class and I've driven her here. Now I'm waiting for her class to be over and thinking...

I am remembering one of those Golden Moments. I'd saved and scrimped as a much younger man and purchased my first REAL car: a two tone blue Camaro. Not being a "car guy" I don't remember the year the car was made. But I DO remember the sensation of sitting in that cloth bucket seat, resting my hand on the gear shift. The key was in the ignition of MY new car.

I just sat there for a long moment because I KNEW it was "A" moment. After a moment I turned the key and the engine rumbled to life and a primal thrill tore through me.

I remember thinking very clearly: "This car could take me anywhere. I could go to the desert of New Mexico. I could go to the Grand Canyon or drive down Freemont Street in Vegas. I could drive all the way to Argentina if I wanted to. This is much more than a car. It's a passport with wheels."

I turned on the radio and David Bowie launched into Young Americans. I cranked it, rolled down the window and drove my new baby off of the lot with my arm hanging out of the window and a world that looked very much like an oyster before me.

It happened over 30 years ago -- and the memory is as sharp as if it was literally a few days ago.

Yup. That car COULD take me anywhere.

Now you know why we bought an RV.



04/01/2013 9:23am



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