There are some things I really thought I would like about RVing. Now that we've put thousands of kilometres on this thing, I will tell you true: the stuff I thought I'd like, I like even more...and I have discovered many things I like that I didn't even know about.

Let's start with bumper repairs.

You see us smiling in the image above? 

When I was pulling away from a show, I caught our bumper on a corrugated steel wall. It did no damage to the wall, but pulled the bumper out at a strange angle. Think of an RV with a cowlick. 

We drove this way for days. 

I had the constant sense that people were pointing and laughing...which may or may not be true. Anyway, we were boondocking along the highway and behind us were steel girders, set in the ground.

We decided to fix it.

We put a towel over the bumper and, with Sheree providing precision directions, I gently backed the RV into the post.

Problem solved.

I love this lifestyle. 

We are not newbies anymore. 

Our once pristine RV shows signs of wear...but that's because we are using it and enjoying it



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